Streamlining your business

Ready to use out-of-the-box and highly configurable to suite your particular business operations, Acclyptic's focus is on easy of use, accessibility and operational visibility, which means you spend less time on administration and more time doing what you want to do.

Business Categories

During the sign-up, a range of categories are available so you can get up and running straight away with pre-configured job services.



Event Management


Grounds Maintenance


Property Maintenance


From these broad categories, a range of Specialties and pre-configured jobs are available to you.

To add Business Categories to your business, log into your account and select "Support" from the main menu.

Adding Specialties

Jump into the "Services" control panel and hit "Request".

Select the "Specialty" you would like to add to your business and hit "Next"

Jobs for that Specialty will now be listed and configurable in the "Services" control panel and immediately available for you to use in the roster. To keep the screen tidy, the services list will be hidden and only the default jobs will be listed.

Checking the results

In the Roster

Open a job and hit "Services". Selecting a service for this job will display the full list of jobs available to you.

Selecting a service will re-calculate the quote based on the property details for this client . When there are no property details available, Acclyptic will use the default settings configured in the "Services" control panel for each selected job.


For more details about setting up and using Acclyptic's job rostering system, log into your account and select "Support" from the main menu.


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